Hey there, this is Madigen!

Madigen is a music project I started in 2020 for my solo musical endeavours. This website is to help promote that project and to interact with the community.

My sound is heavily inspired by instrumental, jazz, electronic, and classical musics, involving tech at every vertex and pushing what I thought I understood about audio.

I'm a bit of a MIDI junkie. Anything that I can control via MIDI is absolute heaven for me; automation is simply my favoured way to sculpt.

Each and every breath that comes out of my instruments are all exhaled from boundless passion and emotion. I hope you enjoy.

If you're interested in some of my demos, please check out my Soundcloud.

I upload anything unofficial onto my Soundcloud, but when I start making official releases, you will be able to purchase the music on Bandcamp.

Feel free to donate as well!

FRANÇAIS | BIONIC option coming soon.

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Genevieve Walsh
St. John's, NL, Canada