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About Madigen

Madigen is based on my core philosophy that relinquishes expectations and lets oneself be free to express themselves wholly. The value of these experiences is paramount, and hence, Madigen will heavily focus on transient live performances, reminiscient of fleeting moments in time; ones where we can catch a memory out of thin air, and be happy for what life is.

I'm always grateful for the time I'm given, from other people or from myself. It's the ultimate resource that I think too many people forget about. We're caught in a world where so many are running on their hamster wheels of life to meet their end; I want to pull you out of that.

Right now, my plan is to produce live productions and streams, over releasing timeless music. These will include theatrical musical shows, streams of improvised systems, and self-destroying pieces that degrade over time.

About Genevieve

As a freelance musician, I also perform and produce music beyond this project, and studying music at Memorial University. I started bass from a young age with some other musical influences, and studied with Matt Hender, who soon showed me the double bass. Through the bass, I've played with the local Calos Youth Orchestra, Rotary Jazz Band, and some pit gigs.

I've gotten to play with numerous ensembles through school, such as the MUN Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra, as well as a small group, the Quintots Jazz Combo. We perform semi-regularly for functions and events, and are planning to perform for the foreseeable future.

I also have some experience producing music from technical standpoint. I've been involved in production for several years now, starting out by mixing and producing my own audio, but then moving on to recording larger groups and mixing their music for them. See my contact page for more info!

My Gear

Incase you're curious what I use, or if you'd potentially like to commission a recording or rent out some gear, here's what I own!


  • Matrixbrute (Arturia) - paraphonic analog synth

  • D-ROC (Dingwall) - electric bass

  • 3/4 Upright Bass (Schoenbach)

  • Digital Piano (Roland)

  • Drums (Generic)


  • Edge Solo (Antelope Audio) - a clean condenser with modelling software

  • R1 Active MkIII (Golden Age Project) - active FET ribbon

  • SM57 (Shure) - dynamic microphone

  • e609 (Sennheiser) - dynamic, can be hung in front of speakers or cabinets

  • e602 (Sennheiser) - dynamic, designed for low end

  • e935 (Sennheiser) - dynamic, designed for vocals

  • ECM8000 (Behringer) - measurement condenser

Pro Audio Gear

  • Discrete 8 Synergy Core (Antelope Audio) - 24 channel interface

  • TubeOpto 8 (ART Pro Audio) - 8 channel tube preamp

FRANÇAIS | BIONIC option coming soon.

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Genevieve Walsh
St. John's, NL, Canada